The Power of Big Data and the Insights of Predictive Analytics

The Power of Big Data and the Insights of Predictive Analytics

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With the right technology and tools, data analysts and scientists are now able to easily go beyond operational reporting and dashboards and into advanced analytics. The correlation of traditional structured data with unstructured data can now be used to better predict and gain insights such as detecting fraud in e-commerce transactions, better predicting the risks of mortgage loan defaults and better predicting customer churn.


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Join us in this Big Data Analytics Webcast featuring Zementis. Learn how Datameer for predictive analytics can help you deliver standards-based analytics on a massive parallel scale. Be able to deliver instant and scalable scoring on Hadoop for big data while retaining compatibility with most major data mining tools through the PMML standard.

In this webcast, you will learn how to:

  • Leverage the scalability of Hadoop for the execution of predictive analytics
  • Leverage PMML to avoid time-consuming and expensive one-off predictive analytics projects
  • Build common use cases for predictive analytics

Big Data Analytics Webcast

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