The Economics of SQL on Hadoop

The Economics of SQL on Hadoop

As organizations clamor to utilize their new investments in Hadoop ecosystems AND leverage their existing analytical infrastructures, many rush to integrate SQL as a data access layer to leverage existing skill sets and get started faster.

However, this approach relegates Hadoop to a data management and processing platform rather than the storage and compute engine optimized for analytical workloads it was purpose-built to be.

This webinar featuring EMA and Datameer, will discuss the technical limitations of SQL on Hadoop and propose alternative ways to fully maximize Hadoop investments.

Leave this webinar understanding:

  • how SQL negates the inherent benefits of Hadoop
  • why technological paradigm changes can sometimes be good
  • use cases when SQL on Hadoop makes sense

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Matt Schumpert, Sr Director, Solutions Engineering, Datameer
John Myers, Analyst, EMA

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