Analyst Brief

Self-Service Big Data Analytics for Line of Business

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Big data is being used across industries, companies, and geographies.

Companies today are less likely to ask "What is big data?", but rather, "What can we do with this data to help us achieve faster positive outcomes?"

Datameer was able to catch up with Dan Vesset, IDC Analyst, and ask him five critical questions on the minds of many big data professionals today. This brief provides his candid answers on these pressing big data questions:

  • How can big data be used as a competitive advantage?
  • How well are the needs of business analysts being addressed in today's market?
  • How are companies addressing the barrier to true self-service and faster time to decisions?
  • What do business executives expect to discover from the use of big data?
  • What are the top industries that are using big data?

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