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Top 3 Use Cases In Telecommunications

More than ever, executives in Marketing, Product Development and Network Operations are in need of a holistic analytics approach to: Identify product or service issues, detect at-risk behavior signals from customers, understand which services customers are actually using, and provide quick results on new product offerings

How do agile Telecommunication providers cope with the new challenge, which is touching every part of the organization? How do you leverage big data to integrate, analyze, and visualize all of your data to get new insights faster than ever?

Register for this webinar to learn about:

  • How Big Data analytics is helping Telcos to gain and maintain a competitive advantage
  • How to take a holistic approach to data analytics by bringing together Marketing, Product and Service Management as well as Network Operations

And see how Datameer enables marketers as well as engineers to:

  • Increase Revenue per Customer while decreasing Customer Acquisition Cost
  • Improve Customer Service and Reduce Truck Roll
  • PLUS: Datameer live demo how to Reduce Customer Churn by analyzing CDR data

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