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Vivint Makes Smarter Homes from Faster Analytics

To maintain its leadership in SmartHome solutions, Vivint is constantly re-inventing their analytics to improve existing services and deliver innovative products to their customers. However, the growth and evolution in IoT and sensor data creates challenges in enabling data and analytic processes that keep the company one step ahead.

During this on-demand webinar, the Vivint team discussed how to create an agile analytics architecture that overcame key challenges with IoT, including how they: 

  • Facilitated discovery at the data and analysis levels on constantly changing data
  • Enabled re-use of both datasets and logic to continuously evolve their analytics
  • Organized complex time series data to discover well-hidden behavior patterns
  • Operationalized data pipelines for constant consumption and analysis of fresh data

Miki Seltzer

Data Scientist at Vivint

Raul Olvera

Senior Data Engineer at Vivint

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