Hadoop as a Data Hub: A Sears Case Study

Hadoop as a Data Hub:
A Sears Case Study

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Data has never been more critical to organizations, especially as data volumes, and varieties continue to grow.

The old approach of a centralized data warehouse becomes archaic and slow as these legacy data warehouses, over time, become multiple, siloed data warehouses. What results is an operational nightmare that requires ETL data to be modeled from one schema to another in order to maintain its data integrity and quality.

In this webinar, Sears CTO Phil Shelley and Datameer CEO Stefan Groschupf highlight the use case and technology that enables Sears to solve the problems of the old data warehouse approach. Learn how Sears significantly minimized their data architecture complexity, resulting in a reduction of time to insight by 30-70%.

Watch this recording to learn the benefits of:

  • Hadoop functioning as a centralized data hub

  • a no ETL approach to data schemas

  • a familiar spreadsheet UI and its rapid time to insight


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Jointly presented with:

Phil Shelley, CTO, Sears
Stefan Groschupf, CEO, Datameer

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