Instant Visualizations in Every Step of Analysis

Instant Visualizations in Every Step of Analysis

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Surveys reveal that concerns about data quality can create barriers for companies deploying Analytics and BI initiatives.

How can you readily identify and correct data quality issues at every step of your big data analysis to ensure accurate insights into customer behavior? In this webcast, we'll discuss how IT and business users can leverage self-service visualizations to quickly spot and correct data anomalies throughout the analytic process.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Continuously visualize a profile of your data to identify inconsistencies, incompleteness and duplicates in your data
  • Visualize machine learning and data mining, including clustering, decision tree analysis, column correlations and recommendations
  • Create self-service visualizations for business and IT users

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Karen Hsu, Sr.Director Product Marketing, Datameer

Ben Lorica, Cheif Data Scientist, O'Reilly

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